“(…) the marvelous begins to be marvelous in an unequivocal way when it arises from an unexpected alteration of reality (a miracle), from a privileged revelation of reality… In the first place, the phenomenon of the marvelous presupposes a faith. Those who do not believe in saints cannot be cured by the miracles of the saints (…)”

The Story of ''The Chair''

This visual narrative draws inspiration from Wilfredo Lam's globally recognized painting, ''The Chair''.

A young woman is lost walking in the woods
The barefeet of a woman walking in the woods.
A mysterious woman is hiding and looking at magical shoes through trees branches
A fairy is lost in the woods and found a pair of magical shoes resting on a chair.
A woman is wearing metallic bow high heel shoes out in the forest.
A purple tulle long cape is entrapped in the branches of a dead tree.

Psychological Triptych

These portraits were crafted in under a minute, illustrating how emotions can be frozen in a photograph.

An older man who is lost in his thoughts
A man wearing a leather brown jacket
An older man is meditating and is wearing a leather jacket